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At Idealism101 we believe that everyone has the ability to make the world a better place. We provide a space for those who dream of a world that is fairer, safer and cleaner for everyone, and who sometimes need some inspiration and information.

We are aware that all areas of life and society are largely interconnected. Fair fashion, for instance, cannot be discussed without talking about capitalism, the environmental impact of our consumption patterns, child labour, and human rights violations. And when we talk about racism, we have to talk about our pasts, whether it concerns slavery, colonialism, or segregation, and the effect our history has today. Because of the interconnectedness of problems, it can be challenging to make decisions and change your behaviour; a fix for one problem is a stimulant to another.

This is why at Idealism101, we do not restrict our writing to environmental issues, political issues, or any other specific area. Instead, we write about all the issues that are causing people to be treated unfairly and our planet to be polluted, and especially about what people are doing about it. This broad focus allows us to connect the dots between different problems, and to show you the bigger picture, while providing guidance and inspiration for those we feel like they must do something.


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We are always looking for people who want to write about their unique perspective on the world. Do you have something interesting to contribute? We are interested to hear from you! Download our submission guidelines and send us a message at info@idealism101.com.